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Practice seminar: Tukdrub Sampa Lhündrub - The Spontaneous Fulfiller of All Wishes

September 15 - 17, 2017

Price: Suggested contribution towards expenses: 150.- Euros includes all fees, meals, and lodging. More generous donations are graciously welcomed, while allowances can be offered to participants with limited resources. The choice is yours.

Tukdrub Sampa Lhündrub - The Spontaneous Fulfiller of All Wishes

This weekend we will engage in this extraordinary practice connected to Guru Rinpoche .

Tukdrub Sampa Lhündrub (The Spontaneous Fulfiller of All Wishes) is a blessed teaching bestowed by Guru Rinpoche, and later on revealed by the great treasure-revealer Terchen Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa. This unique practice of Guru Rinpoche and his 12 emanations is said to be extremely effective in helping oneself and others achieve good fortune and protection from all types of calamities, temporary and ultimate, such as conflict, disease, poverty, obstacle-makers, vicious animals, disturbances of the four natural elements, robbers, sudden death, the intermediate state, clinging to reality, and the sufferings of the six classes of beings.

If we sincerely and wholeheartedly practice the Sampa Lhündrub, whether the entire sadhana or simply its short prayer or feast-offering, just like a wish-fulfilling jewel, all our temporary and ultimate fears will be dispelled and all our aims and wishes will be spontaneously and effortlessly fulfilled.

Moreover, the mass of natural catastrophes, mental suffering, and obstacles facing us in our present Age make this blessed practice especially timely and imperative.

Translations of the prayers and sadhanas, in both German and English, will be available, for loan or purchase, in Gomde's Ratna Shop.

While Rangjung Yeshe Gomde's team wishes to make sure that all those sincerely interested in Gomde's seminars and retreats can afford to participate, in order to provide our guests with the best possible seminar experience, three delicious hot meals daily, and comfortable lodgings, we are obliged to ask participants for a contribution of 150 Euros each.

If you are blessed with the resources to help sponsor others unable to afford the full cost of the seminar, we ask you to consider giving a little extra. Know that it is received with our heartfelt appreciation for your compassionate generosity. As always, thank you so much!

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