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Ngöndro Practice Retreat

August 28 - September 5, 2018

Price: 360 Euros- suggested donation to cover fix costs

Ngöndro are preparatory practices that provide the basis for progress in the path of Vajrayana. These preliminary practices are a profound and powerful means to effect a profound healing and cleansing of one's mind independently of one's spiritual attainment level. These practices not only prepare practitioners for the path of Vajrayana and the teachings of Dzogchen, but also gradually introduce practitioners to the experience of enlightenment.

Whether you are just beginning ngöndro or have been practicing for some time, the personal experiences and teachings of the nuns will surely inspire you, and the power of group practice will provide support so that you can progress in your practice with confidence.

Arrival: afternoon of August 28th

Beginning of the practice: morning of August 29th at 9 am

Last session: September 5th, ending at noon

Single and double rooms are available.

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde would like to enable all interested parties to participate in the seminars. As a participation fee, we request a donation. The indicated guideline would cover the costs. We offer you the opportunity to evaluate your own resources and donate according to your own means.
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