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Nyungne- Fasting retreat for the development of compassion

October 2 - 10, 2018

Price: Suggested donation for 1 set (2 full days): 100 Euros
for the whole retreat: 360 Euros

Nyungne, the fasting practice connected to the 1000 armed Avalokitshwara is a practice of the kryia- tantra tradition that helps to purify negative karma quickly.
It is said, that when Nyungne is practiced purely the gates to a rebirth in the lower realms are closed and the with the pure completion of 8 Nyungnes leads to a rebirth in the pure land of Dewachen.

The entire retreat lasts 8 days, with 4 sets of fasting.
You can take part in the retreat for individual sets of 2/4/6 days .

Arrival day: 2.10
Beginning of retreat: 3.10
End of retreat: 10.10

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