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Where can I find comfortable accommodation? Our visitors are most welcome to sleep in one of Gomde’s two dormitories. If you prefer, feel free to set up your own tent on Gomde’s lush surrounding meadowland.  For those who prefer off-site lodging, hotels and guesthouses can be found just a 7 to 15-minute drive from Gomde’s front door. A handy list of off-site accommodations is available here.

How can I easily reach Gomde? Here is a map showing the area, and nearest train station. If you need transport to Gomde from Viechtwang, our closest train station, please be sure to inform us of your exact date and time of arrival so a vehicle can be easily arranged.

How do I pay? Please remember that Gomde staff can only accept cash.

Are all meals provided? Gomde provides three delicious meals daily.  Visitors can, of course, bring their own snacks along.

What should I bring to Gomde? Here’s a helpful packing list: Meditation cushion, sleeping-bag, pillow, warm blanket, towel and toiletries, house slippers, both warm and light-weight clothes, a swimsuit, a rain-coat, water flask, matches, a torch, Rangjung Yeshe Chantbook, etc.

How can I help Gomde?  In preparation for our annual summer seminars, we at Gomde always deeply appreciate helping hearts and hands for various kinds of household tasks – everything from light cleaning or painting to gardening to setting up the shrine hall to kitchen work to skilled renovation or expert advice – and even to child care!

All work done at Gomde is undertaken on a voluntary basis. We very much need volunteers, as we already have a list of tasks. To avoid confusion and make your stay with us enjoyable, please register with our staff immediately upon your arrival in Gomde’s entrance lobby.

Rest assured, Gomde welcomes your kind offer of help with open arms! Feel free to contact us

Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at Gomde!



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